Crazy America

by Dan Sullivan

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Flag pole sitting on the 4th of July
Grab yourself a slice of American Pie
You get one life to live and it ain’t no lie
There ain’t no Pie in the sky when you die

You might be a godless democrat
You might be a Grand Old Party fat cat
A hard working farmer in a John Deere hat
You might be this or you might be that

It doesn’t really matter where you come from
Someone’s gonna hate you in America
You might be a genius or you might be a bum
Or a call center worker down in India

There’s a man in the bathroom cooking up a scheme
There’s a girl on a cell phone with low self-esteem
A kid on the front porch eating ice cream
I must be living the American dream

The newspaper boy hasn’t been around
He’s looking for the truth in the lost and found
We all get our news on Facebook now
What will we do when the internet goes down

There’s plenty of jobs in the dream selling business
Where a dream comes true every five minutes
If you don’t play now you’re never gonna win it
So step right up and get your lottery tickets

There’s a guy on Facebook he brands himself
He’s a marketing genius from click bait hell
He doesn’t really care if your buy or sell
Just click the link and everything is swell

You got a low-paying job you hope it will last
A bi-weekly paycheck that’s gone in a flash
The dreams you grew up with are fading fast
But the hedge fund manager is raking in the cash

Get a Wall St. job and its just like stealing
There’s never been a better time for double dealing
The market is down you got debt to the ceiling
And a heroin habit so how are you feeling

We got a war on terror we’re all scared to death
There’s a man in a shed cooking up the meth
Everybody else is holding their breath
The Yankees are trailing in the bottom of the tenth

The president’s men are down on their knees
The telephone men are shooting the breeze
Eric Prince is stealing everything he sees
In a few more years we’ll be speaking Chinese

We used to be known as the melting pot
But at Ellis Island all the boats have been stopped
They’re rounding up Mexicans they’re calling the cops
And the President is downtown blowing his top

Yeah its Crazy in America all day long
We’re close to the edge so you better hang on
They’re selling life insurance made in Hong Kong
It’s quite a bit cheaper but it won't last as long

They’re gonna build a wall and put it on the border
And man it with marines, sailors and soldiers
They’ll make it so tall you can’t climb over
It’s gonna be taller than the White cliffs of Dover

Yeah its crazy in America living the dream
Where around every corner there’s someone with a scheme
Where nothing in the world is quite what it seems
If you ever been to Vegas you know what I mean


released August 10, 2017
© Dan Sullivan BMI 2017



all rights reserved


Dan Sullivan Kalamazoo, Michigan

Some people like gardening, working on cars or woodworking. Others enjoy knitting, collecting stamps or coins. That kind of thing. I like writing songs.

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